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Hardly anything cool ever happens to me. :o\

Howcome I’ve never seen UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot, or anything else like that? I bet if I went into a haunted house, the ghosts would avoid me. If there were aliens in the area, they’d hide behind trees and snicker.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll actually do something with this blog one of these days.

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Cats are nature’s clowns

Under ur monitor


This is Stormy, playing under my monitor. Kinda blurry, but it shows how goofy he is! I’m so grateful¬†for my two cats. They make me laugh and keep me sane whenever life sucks.

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This is how I have been feeling lately: Grey. Meaning that I’ve been having trouble feeling much of anything at all, except worry and dread for the future because of the crap I’m going through right now. I know that it will pass eventually, but in the meantime, I’m just….grey. Today was a LITTLE better because I spoke with some people who are going to help me get retrained for a new job path, which is somewhat encouraging. So today I’m feeling…cream-colored. Sort of a pale yellow. Not happy, like yellow would be, but a bit more optimistic.

Do you often describe your feelings in terms of colors? If so, which are the most common?


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WordPress background themes really suck!

Seriously, they’re some of the ugliest I’ve ever seen, and I’m not paying $100 a year to upgrade a dumb blog that hardly anyone is ever going to read. I liked the owl picture at the top, but the other colors were too garish for my tastes. I’ll do the dark brown for awhile and see if I like it.

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These are my two cats, Elvira (the black one) and Stormy (the smug one). Stormy’s full name is Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. Elvira, of course, is Mistress of the Dark. They are both rambunctious, demanding, annoying, and adorable in pretty much equal amounts, and provide me with no end of laughs when I’m feeling depressed (which is most of the time, to varying degrees).

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